Hello The Internet I Love You: Helpful Netflix User Reviews, #001

From “Peter9827″‘s review of Blues Brothers 2000:

Alright Here is my review of Blues Brothers 2000 the sequel to the 1980 Classic the Blues Brothers Which was one of my favorites this also one of my favorites too.But Before I begin this review this movie has nothing to do with the 1st one but this is still a good movie Let me start with the plot of this movie Jake Blues has been let out of prison 15 years after the events of the 1st and Despite the absence of his late brother Jame who was played by John beluishi in the orignal and is Dead Now.  Elwood decided to get the band back together agian Just lie the 1st one and is also trying to help a orphan and Along the Way a bartender agrees to help played by John goodman and I have to admit he dosen’t do a bad job even if he isn’t John Belishi.  The Little boy also did a good job.  The Movie is Alright But it isn’t as good as the 1st but is still a good movie so 3 out of 5.

Note:  Peter9827 actually gives Blues Brothers 2000 four stars out of five.


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