Atlas Bugged

The Ayn Rand Institutein conjunction withThe Leonard Peikoff Foundation for Rational Youth Outreach 

proudly presents:


(The 15th Annual John Galt Awards for Outstanding Achievement in Objectivism by American Youth)
San Diego Airport Hilton – Saturday, August 24th – 8:00 PM – Nominees and guests only


Welcome: Alan Greenspan

Ceremonial Reading of Howard Roark’s Speech to the Jury from The Fountainhead in Its Entirety: Andrew Bernstein (Note: please use the facities or order refreshments first; there will be no breaks)

Warning to Carefully Consider Standing Ovations, Lest They Become Too Frequent and Thus Lose Their Effectiveness: Megan McArdle

Opening Musical Number: Rush’s “The Trees” (Murray Rothbard High School Marching Band)


Outstanding Achievement in On-Campus Organization: Kristina vanden Creel, “Future Debutantes of America Quilting Circle & The Virtue of Selfishness Study Group”, Lew Rockwell School for Girls (New Canaan, CT)

Outstanding Achievement in Community Outreach: Henry Chu, “LoopHolez Tax Preparation Service”, Junior Achievement project, Aliso Niguel High School (Aliso Viejo, CA)

Outstanding Achievement in Defense of Capitalism: Roger Ilagan, “Firebombing a Habitat for Humanity Worksite” (Brooklyn Center, MN)

Outstanding Achievement in Combating Multiculturalism: Kristin Dunphee, “From Asher Roth to Vanilla Ice: Why Whites Are Better at Rap Music Than Blacks”, Apollo High School Weekly Thunderbird (Glendale, AZ)

Outstanding Achievement in Newspaper Commentary: Chris Feingold, “Why No Reparation For Confiscatory Taxation?”, Op/Ed section, The Wall Street Journal Juniors Edition (New York, NY)

Outstanding Achievement in Historical Applications of Objectivism: Karl Eisen, “Polio Phony: The Bogus ‘Compassion’ of Dr. Jonas Salk”, Friedrich Hayek Middle School Beacon (Fargo, ND)

Outstanding Achievement in Ayn Rand Scholarship: Margaret Kiyoshi, “What Rough Beast Slouches Towards Dominique?: Rand’s Women and the Myth of ‘Date Rape'”, Bennington College Quarterly (Bennington, VT)

Outstanding Achievement in the Area of Educational Research: Billy McQueen, “Why Ron Coakesley Should Be Held Accountable For His Parasitic Attempt to Garner Praise For ‘Contributing’ to My Diorama When All He Did Was Loan Me Some Glue to Put the Sparkles On With”, Cox & Forkum College of Artistical Knowledge Forensics Competition (Rockville, MD)

Outstanding Artistic Achievement: Charlene Shaw, “The Elite of a Better World” [ballpoint on aluminum Jell-O cup top] (San Jose, CA)

Special ‘Littlest Objectivist’ Trophy: Timmy Solheim, “Poors Are Bad At Everything”, Lars and Melissa Solheim Home School (Farmington, NM)


Closing Musical Number: “Those Who Lost Have Only Themselves to Blame” (Harry Binswanger & the Lanternjaws)

Pledge of Allegience: Rand Paul

Ceremonial Reading of John Galt’s Radio Address to the Nation from Atlas Shrugged in Its Entirety: Leonard Peikoff

Soft drinks and potato chips to be served in the Aztec Room following the ceremonies, for a nominal fee.


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