23 Short Films About Leonard

Leonard plays for a sports team. Although it seems unlikely with this ragtag band of misfits, the team makes it to the big game. At a crucial moment, he blows a big play.

Leonard dresses in drag to gain the trust of a woman he wants to date. Absolutely no one is fooled.

Leonard heads down to Tijuana for a crazy spring break party. He spends most of his time in the hotel room reading. His roommates noisily fuck strangers in the toilet.

An epic space battle is taking place. Leonard portrays a supply room clerk aboard a legendary starship who steals personal items and falsifies documents.

Leonard becomes involved in the shady world of organized crime. He starts out as a driver, but fails to move up in the organization because he talks too much.

Leonard tries to explain post-structuralism to someone he is sitting next to at the airport.

Leonard combats the stultifying nature of his 9-to-5 office job with a series of witty asides, one-liners and wryly ironic observations, none of which are understood by his co-workers.

Leonard overcomes a brutal working-class childhood but fails anyway.

Leonard embarks on a quest for revenge against the man who killed his family. It proves extremely difficult, so eventually he gets bored and calls it off.

Leonard, as a sharklike defense attorney, dazzles the jury and almost gets his innocent client off, until it is revealed in the climactic final reel that he dropped out of high school and does not have a license to practice law. His client is sentenced to life in prison.

Leonard’s iconoclastic rock band faces a number of travails, not the least of which is that no one will give them a record contract because they are terrible.

Leonard’s car is towed. He makes a fatuous comment.

Leonard stars as an actor in pornographic films whose thirty-three-inch member is so grotesquely oversized that no one will work with him.

Leonard portrays a heroic doctor and medical researcher whose innovative studies save lives; however, since his field of study is urology, he is largely ignored by his friends and family.

In a delightful pairing with Janeane Garofalo, Leonard plays a man so sarcastic and plain-looking that he is cast as the best friend to her lead.

Leonard plays a game of “King of the Mountain” with some foul-mouthed dwarves.  In a key scene, several of them vomit from excessive alcohol consumption.

Leonard stars as a scrappy boxer who makes it to the championship and loses.

Leonard stars as a scrappy boxer who makes it to the championship and loses again.

Leonard stars as a scrappy boxer who is soundly thrashed by a younger, hungrier fighter despite never having won a championship.

Leonard stars as a scrappy boxer who has still never won a championship and is reduced to fighting gimmicky opponents like obese Swedish weightlifters and former child actors gopped up on steroids.

Leonard stars as a no longer scrappy boxer who is beaten up in bars by aggressive drunks because he never won a championship.

Leonard is a wisecracking, iconoclastic action hero who cockily defeats all his enemies until he runs into someone tougher and more skilled than he is six minutes into the film.

Leonard stars as a Gulf War veteran who descends into a nightmarish spiral of drugs, alcohol and kinky sex in a desperate attempt to forget that he spent the entire war washing down runways at Whiteman Air Force Base in Knob Noster, Missouri.


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