No Justice in Life

Superman!  Superior man!  A man who’s better than the other men

If you are a man and you think you’re great, you might be right

But you’re definitely not as good as

Super Man!

Batman!  Man of bats!  A man who is dressed like a bat and that makes him kind of scary!

Maybe you don’t think about bats very often but he thinks about them all the time

And that makes him a hero named

Bat Man!

These are the leaders of the Justice League of America

Leaguing together for American justice

Justice League of America punches

Laser beam eyes and weapons shaped like bats

This is the JLA!

Flash!  The Flash!  Fastest man of all the men who know how to run

His bright red costume is wadded up in a ring until he needs to run around in it

Then it’s time for speedy fastness from

Flash Man!

Mr. Green!  Green Lantern!  He has a ring too but there’s not any clothes in it

Unless he wants there to be, because magic science lets his brain cause things to come out of the ring

Your ring is probably just to show people you graduated high school and isn’t awesome like

Lantern Man!

These are two bros in the Justice League of America

Stomping on starfish and communists for the USA

Justice League of America rings

But manly rings, not like a woman or something

Aquaman!  Aquatic Man!  He lives under the sea and wears a chain mail shirt

He can tell sea creatures what to do if he wants to

You might want him to drown but he never will because he is

Aqua Man!

Martian Manhunter!  Martian Hunter of Men!  He comes from Mars and has a bunch of crazy powers

He hunts down men and maybe he kills them and puts their heads on the walls of his apartment

Or maybe he just punches people and turns invisible, you never know with a Martian who is

Man Hunter Man!

These are a couple of wierdoes from the Justice League of America

Their costumes aren’t that great either

But you never know what kind of thing might come in handy

In an American league, but not the baseball one, the justice one

Wonder Woman!  A Wonderful Woman!  She has a plane and a lasso and wristbands

She’s a woman but they let her in the Justice League of America anyway

Because of equality, and also she has a really good lawyer who will sue you on be half of

Woman Man!

The guys I mentioned earlier plus this last one, the lady, make up the Justice League of America

Tune into their justice adventures

Whether you like leagues or America

There is something to watch and then tell your friends to watch in the JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA!


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