Your Entertainment, Whose Reality?

Of the 100 films that have made the most money in the United States over the last decade – almost all of which have made more than $200 million — the protagonists and their primary relationships are as follows.

– A young wizard and his magical friends (x6).

– A young girl who becomes romantically entangled with a vampires and werewolves. (x5)

– A group of robots from outer space (x4).

– A group of superhuman vigilantes (x4).

– A flamboyant pirate who encounters all manner of supernatural creatures (x4).

– A group of space explorers who interact with bizarre aliens (x4).

– A group of magical adventurers who fight monsters, dragons, and wizards (x3).

– A gaggle of drunken reprobates (x3).

– An immensely powerful superhuman who combats evil (x3).

– A young man who gains the power of a radioactive super-spider (x3).

– A billionaire who fights crime in a flying suit of armor (x3).

– A billionaire who fights crime dressed as a giant bat (x3).

– A super-spy who fights an evil computer genius (x3).

– A man who exposes hidden conspiracies in ancient artifacts (x3).

– A gigantic cartoon troll.(x3).

– A group of people attempting to fend off the end of the world (x2).

– A group of street-racing car thieves/super-criminals (x2).

– A group of talking cartoon monsters (x2).

– A group of talking cartoon prehistoric animals (x2).

– A group of talking cartoon jungle creatures (x2).

– A group of talking cartoon chipmunks (x2).

– A group of talking cartoon automobiles (x2).

– A young girl who visits a fantasy land of magic and talking animals (x2).

– The forsaken son of an omniscient god (x2).

– A man from the future who fights zombie-like creatures (x2).

– A man granted mystical powers who uses them to comedic effect (x2).

– A superhumanly intelligent Victorian detective (x2).

– A cartoon super-villain (x2).

– A magical cartoon princess with unusual hair (x2).

– A group of super-criminals who specialize in invading peoples’ dreams.

– A group of ancient warriors who fight Persians and monsters.

– A group of talking cartoon cave people.

– A group of talking cartoon toys.

– A group of talking cartoon penguins.

– A messianic superhuman who exposes the world as a nightmarish illusion.

– A young girl who fights monsters in post-apocalyptic gladiatorial combat.

– A security guard at a museum where the exhibits come to life at night.

– A whimsical lunatic who operates a candy manufacturing company.

– A giant rampaging gorilla monster.

– A comically dysfunctional family.

– A teacher who helps a disadvantaged person become a football player.

– A man whose best friend is a talking cartoon stuffed bear.

– A talking cartoon fish.

– A talking cartoon panda.

– A talking cartoon rat.

– A talking cartoon video game antagonist.

– An unidentifiable creature who is also a talking cartoon.

– An old cartoon man in a flying house.

You have to wait until #30 to find a movie which takes place in anything remotely resembling actual reality, and that’s if you consider James Bond to be realistic. There are exactly five movies containing normal human characters, and they are Meet the Fockers, The Hangover, The Hangover Part II, Wedding Crashers, and The Blind Side.


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