Status Update

Hello there, ell p dot com readers!

Your stumblebum author, from whom the site derives its name, is working on a major writing project to which he will be devoting the cheetah’s share of his ‘free’ time to completing, so content will be light for the next few whenevers.  The site’s not going anywhere; I still need an outlet for jokes only I think are funny and reviews of movies no one but me has seen.  I’m just cutting back from five updates a week to around two or three.

If that’s not enough for you, the archives are always open for your perusal, and you can also read me on Facebook or follow me on Twitter.  I will still be available to take commissions, and the various sought-after services on this site will still be for sale to the discerning shopper.  And speaking of shopping, did you know you can still buy Moods from Marbletown, my short humor collection? It’s available from Lulu in e-book and paperback format, or from Amazon for you Kindle kids. And what’s more, if you buy it in physical book form from Lulu between now and November 4th using the codeword FALLSALE40, you can get it for a whopping — that’s right, whopping — 40% off!  Plus, you’ll get it in time for Christmas, and it’s a perfect gift for the obscure-joke-loving ne’er-do-will you love or even just sort of like.  (If all that’s not enough, it’ll be good prep work for the next collection from the archives, coming your way next summer!  Exclamation point!)

As for the project I’m working on, well, I’d rather work on it than talk about it.   But if you happen to run a major publishing company, literary agency, or website design firm, and you enjoy working for free, call me, baby, you know I love you.  LPdotCOM will return with new content on Halloween Thursday.


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