Spirits in the Sky

BRAHMA: Come on, guys, let’s get a move on here. I want to get home before the next Maha Yuga.

VISHNU: I need a drink.

SHIVA: You need six drinks. Maybe then you’ll pass out.

V: Eat it.

B: Seriously. Let’s just figure this out, it shouldn’t be taking this long. It’s one lousy trimurti.

S: Well, go ahead already, you’re so smart.

B: All right. I’m going to be the Nathan.

V: The what now?

S: Do your homework, alkie.

B: It’s the Source. The Creator.

V: Wait, why do you get to be the creator? Just because you showed up earlier than anyone else?

S: You snooze, you lose, blue-balls.

V: Total rip.

B: I rented the room. I should get to be the creator. Plus I have ten heads.

V: I could have ten heads if I wanted to.

S: Well, why don’t you, then?

V: I don’t feel like it.

S: Uh huh.

V: I just don’t.

S: Sure. Have another drink, why don’t you.

V: Why don’t you have ten heads?

S: I don’t want ten heads!

V: Well, neither do I!

S: Fine!

V: Fine!

B: See, this is why I get to be the Nathan. Now, who wants to be Thirumal, the Preserver, the Indwelling Life, the Operator?

V: I’ll do it! What do I have to do?

B: You get to hang out in the center of the world and keep the whole universe running smoothly.

S: Ha ha, good luck with that, sucker!

V: What do you mean?

S: Stuck in a little hot room all day. No more gin for you!

V: Wait, I want take-backs. Shiva should be the Preserver. I’ll take whatever’s left.

S: Hey, no way! You already called Preserver. I’ll take, uh, what is left?

B: Sivan.

S: And what’s that?

B: The Transformer. The Destroyer of Worlds.

S: Fucking awesome!

V: This really, really sucks.

S: When do I start?

B: At the end of time.

V: Oh, burn!

S: Fuck.


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