“Counter-greeting, establishment of identity of Speaker #1.”

“Polite inquiry establishing identity of Speaker #2?”

“Confirming statement. Expansion on answer to place setting and time.”

“Response to set up reader expectations; deliberate invocation of mise-en-scene.”

“Affirmation. Background information providing exposition.”

“Counter-reference expanding on previously stated expository material.”

“Vague invocation of absurd and never-again-referenced external circumstance.”

“Preliminary joke!”

“Positive response to preliminary joke.”

“Passive vocal exclamation.”

“Establishment of initial premise based on situational circumstance established earlier. Question leading to expansion of premise to provide future joke fodder?”

“Answer designed to lead into second joke, possibly botched.”

“Botched secondary joke!”

“Reluctant acknowledgement of botched secondary joke.”

“Attempt to recover flagging narrative after failed joke. Lengthy narrative passage meant to distract reader from lack of good jokes. Set-up of tertiary joke.”

“Tertiary joke.”

“Additional joke building on unexpected success of tertiary joke!”

“Final joke, carrying joke premise too far and losing attention of anyone who has bothered to read this far.”

“Gratuitous vulgarity.”

“Desperate ploy to regain reader’s attention by introducing surprising postmodernist element to narrative, containing setup for final punchline.”

“Additional setup of punchline?”


“Pointless extra line deflating any power held by punchline.”

“Gratuitous vulgarity.”

One Response so far.

  1. Matt Drake
    03/17/2014 at 9:54 PM

    From this point forward, I intend to use ‘gratuitous vulgarity’ on a semi-regular basis.


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