Quittin’ Time

“Hey, Arzbyx, what’s up?”

“Please address me as Overlord Arzbyx the Supervisor, flesh thing, or I shall have you reduced to component chemicals and utilized as cleaning solution.”

“Hey, lighten up, boss man. It’s Friday afternoon!”

“This necrotizer cannon is not going to build itself, Unit 46031-H.”

“So, you going to any ballgames this weekend?”

“Are you referring to the baseball match? It was my understanding they were forbidden under punishment of death.”

“Nah, Holkartj the Manual-Preparer reinstated them. He said that the soporific pace of the game will make us less likely to revolt.”

Overlord Holkartkj the Manual-Preparer.”

“Right, him.”



“Why do you contine to occupy the entranceway to my supervision compartment, Unit 46031-H?”

“Oh! Ha. Yeah. Look, I’m gonna go ahead and bug out of here a little early, if it’s cool.”

“The temperature is perfectly regulated by the climatroids, except for in the punishment pits, where…”

“No, I mean if it’s all right with you. I’m going to cut out a little early. You know. It’s Friday.”

“On my homeworld it is only Day 4 of the 17-day weekly cycle. We work all but one and that day is spent breeding and excrecting.”

“Lucky you. For the breeding at least. I wish I got some that often! But you know my wife. Ha ha.”

“I do. Just yesterday I subjected her to the hypno-wheel.”

“Right. But it’s no wonder you guys don’t excrete too often. The food here is terrible.”

“The nutri-paste contains all the elements needed for survival and optimal work efficiency.”

“It tastes like crap.”

“Your comparison is flawed. Additionally, I suspect that your badinage is merely an attempt to distract me from the fact that you are attempting to desert your duties before the appointed hour, a transgression punishable by…”

“It’s five now.”


“It’s five o’clock already. I’m outta here.”

“Return to your duties at once, Unit 46031-H, or I shall order your immediate conversion to freeze-dried scout rations.”

“Sure, boss man, I’ll go back to work. All you gotta do is pay me my O-T.”

“Damn unions.”


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