Patrón of the Arts

Hello, dearest readers of Leonard Pierce dot com:

Perhaps you thought I was deceased.  Perhaps you thought that this blog was as dead as Jacob Marley, as passé as Bob Marley, as irrelevant as Marley Marl.  Nothing could be further from the truth.

I, Leonard Pierce, for whom Leonard Pierce dot com was presumably named, have merely been enjoying a pleasant holiday season with loved ones before returning to my normal life of unemployment, poverty, despair, and artistic frustration.  But now I’m back, and this site will resume its normal content starting this week.

I’m also looking forward to making a special announcement early next week that will show you, the persistent and inexplicable fan of this site and the human garbage who writes it, how you can help keep it on the air, full of fresh content, and overflowing with new and exclusive material by supporting me on Patreon.

So welcome back, watch this space, and yes, I get that Marley and Me would have made a better joke option above.  Thanks as always for your interest and your friendship.


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