Merry Christmas!

Hi, loyal readers!

LP dot com will be taking the next week to celebrate Christmas with loved ones.  I hope you have a chance to do the same.

If you celebrate Christmas in a religious way, may Baby Jesus smile on you and yours.

If you celebrate it in a traditional way, here’s warm feelings for you and your family and loved ones for the holiday.

If you celebrate it in a modern way, happy shopping, and I hope you get everything you want this year.

If you celebrate Kwanzaa, Hannukah, Saturnalia, Festivus, Zartosht No-Diso, Yomari Punhi, HumanLight, the Dongzhi Festival, Mawlid, Winter Solstice, Zagumuk, Soyal, Nardoqan, Sol Invictus, the Night of the Radishes, or the United Nations’ Arabic Language Day, go to it and good luck.

And if you just sit home and wait until you can go back to work and everyone will stop being in such a good mood, well, more power to you there, too.




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