Hi, all!  My name is Leonard Pierce, and, far from being just another bearded jerk on Patreon, I am a beloved if disgraced writer, critic, and author.  Since 2009, I’ve operated Leonard Pierce Dot Com, a repository of my finest short humor, political essays, long-form opinion, and insightful reviews of film, television, books, and comics.  It’s also the home of the PetardCast, my occasional series of audio humor and cultural noodling.

I’ve never asked for money to keep the website going, but times being what they are, I’m inviting those of you who like my work, or are just looking to keep dynamic, interesting writing alive on the internet, to click here and support my Patreon.  In exchange, you’ll not only get all the website’s content delivered to you monthly in an attractive, book-quality PDF, but you’ll get the ability to tailor what you get (and don’t get); you’ll receive your choice of subscriber-only content and the chance to make specific requests for me to write about; autographed copies of my books; sneak previews of all my upcoming work as well as unique content just for subscribers; discounts on the goods and services offered through the website; and plenty of other stuff as well.

Thanks for supporting me by clicking here, and thanks for being a patron of the arts in America.  It ain’t easy!

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