The following persons have supported this site via Patreon.  That means they are the finest people in the world.

GARY MAIRS is a man who knows his films.  He is good at making them and he is good at watching them and he is good at teaching them.  He is also one of the greatest guys I know.

CHRISTOPHER ROBERSON has been a booster of my efforts for so long I should make him the primary beneficiary of my will.  He is a gentleman and a scholar.

JOHN TATARYN has supported my work for years, and his generosity apparently knows no bounds.  He is also further proof of my apparent runaway popularity in Canada.

CHRISTINA FILIOS is one of the most truly hilarious human beings I have ever known.  She should be a world-famous celebrity.  It’s probably your fault that she isn’t.

ANNA FORSHER is the best person to donate to my Patreon, because she is the best person.  I love her, and someday I will be her terrible husband.

BRENT BOZMAN is a world-class individual, certified by the International Guild of Classy Guy Assessment.  He has good taste in music, and is an extremely decent person.

ROWAN KAISER is a very talented writer on a variety of topics.  Everything he writes is worth reading.  It so happens that he has a Patreon, too, and you should support it.

ERIN HARDEE is good at science and good at life.  She is my kind of nerd, which, given my normal attitude towards nerds, is really saying something.  I am a member of her fan club.

JUSTIN MOHAREB is of the People.  This makes him better than you.  He is also a Canadian, which see above.  He helps me feel better about my obsession with gaming, and is an upstanding chap.

JENNIFER TROFA is a person who is just lovely.  You can follow her Twitter feed to find out more about her personhood and loveliness.

ANDREW HICKEY is a raconteur, a bon vivant, a player of music, and a writer about music.  He knows more things that I have forgotten, and he does all this while being British.

RICK KLEIN is not the ABC newscaster; even better, he is an expert on Chicagoland television and curator of the excellent Museum of Fuzzy Memories.

DAN MILLIKEN supported my Patreon even though we have never met, and I have never physically threatened his life.  You can’t ask for a better quality in a person than that.

JOHN PERICH is a tall drink of water and a turned-up galoot.  If life were a noir novel he’d be a great character, but since it’s not, he just writes them, and pretty damn well at that.

PICKLEFACTORY may be a man, or may be a mouse, or may be an actual factory in which pickles are made.  Regardless of the specifics, he is unafraid of litigation, and that’s admirable.

D.J. TRINDLE is an individuated human being and not the alter ego of a spaced-out record-flipper in Ibiza.  For that alone he deserves society’s thanks, but he is so much more.

CHARLOTTE FINN could be one of any number of Charlotte Finns.  But she is the best of all possible Charlotte Finns, because she is the Charlotte Finn who supports my Patreon.

ADAM PROSSER is a writer, cartoonist, and person of Canada.  His work is most enjoyable, and if you’d like to see it and support it, you can visit his Patreon page, adjacent to mine.

BRANDON TALBOT educates young children, and sometimes he does it all wrong because I think it’s funny.  He lives in a town with a funny name and is a swell guy.

JOSH WILSON likes video games, science-fictions, supers-hero, and will take no guff about it.  He is a smart lad and smart lads are always wanted.

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