This website is the Internet home of respected private citizen and professional bad egg Leonard Pierce.  It features his writing on subjects abstruse and arcane; hosts his podcast, the PetardCast; contains links to his work all over the web; and allows you to get hepped to his various other projects and endeavors.   It is a place where ordinary Joes and Janes can blow their money on the ravings of a demented lout.  It will manifest, from time to time, short humor, cultural criticism, made-up stories, political punditry, and other sorts of time-killing whimsy.

Leonard was born in Glendale, Arizona, just after the first manned moon landing, and just before the Woodstock Music & Art fair.  His parents were not present at either event.  Although his father was an Arab-American, he compensated by being adopted by two resolutely white people and growing up in an intensely uninteresting Southwestern suburb.  An only child and the product of a working-class broken home, Leonard grew up bookish, unsuited for work, academically unspectacular, and filled with an intense boredom with people who blame their bad character on childhood or birth order.

After a flirtation with higher education that ended in embarrassment for all concerned, Leonard sought to escape the intense boredom of the suburban lifestyle by plunging head-first into hopeless urban poverty.  Over the years, he has lived in Phoenix, AZ; Oxnard, CA; Columbia Heights, MN; San Antonio, TX; Seattle, WA; and, currently, Chicago, IL; during that time, he has failed at careers in insurance, sales, office administration, book publishing, and freelance writing.  He has visited nine foreign countries and road-tripped through every state of the union except those in New England, the remote location of which ensure that he always runs out of money before he gets there.  He is currently considering a career as a ward of the state, professional lottery winner, or petty criminal.

Among his many obsessions are post-war film noir, the campaign for real time in superhero comics, television comedy, neo-pragmatism, worldbuilding, the novels of B. Traven, hard bop, knuckleballers, working-class revolutionary history, sandbox video games, crime scene photographs, and anything that happened in the year 1968.  Over the years, he has gone from charmingly self-deprecating to hilariously self-destructive.  He is so politically liberal that he remembers what the Democratic Party used to stand for, and he believes that if there was a God, the reward for eating lots of pie would be more pie instead of diabetes.  He is very tall and very fat, so naturally, he played baseball and football as a student before his athletic career was tragically cut short by incompetence.  A childhood love of illegal drugs has blossomed in his maturity to full-blown alcoholism, and he holds the martini as one of the few manifestations of human perfection.  He owns a number of firearms; his two cats, Doc and Vera, do not, but are nonetheless extremely proficient killers.  He enjoys the Chicago White Sox, the Manchester United Red Devils, the Phoenix Suns, the Chicago Blackhawks, and the Oakland Raiders, but does not hold your variant rooting interests against you, unless you are a Cubs fan.

This site was created with WordPress (using the Fashy template) and is hosted on BlueHost.com.  Leonard uses a Mac, but wouldn’t get into a fistfight about it.  He can be contacted at leonard pierce at gmail dot com.  Thanks for visiting, and please enjoy yourself.

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